Three Quarters of businesses utilize cloud powered UC

Organisations think the cloud supplies a range of features that clients are asking.

Three quarters of UK companies are embracing cloud powered unified communications models so that they can offer solutions, a report by Mitel has revealed. These businesses do not believe the exact same range of solutions is available with conventional models and so are moving into the cloud to offer a diverse product selection. Almost 90 percent of companies think access to UC services like presence, secure IM, voice and video calls are essential to their success and are so turning into the cloud to offer this flexibility.

Almost a 3rd of companies also insist that sound and video conferencing along with easy content sharing is an essential part of their offering. Nevertheless, before migrating to some cloud model, businesses feel it is crucial they explore the expense of the move, with 88% saying price considerations are their principal concern. They’re especially intrigued in the price of information reversibility, with nearly 50% of companies saying this played a huge part in deciding whether or not to make the jump. Cloud communications quicken digital transformation, enabling businesses to increase their productiveness and deliver a higher degree of client experience, said Jeremy Butt VP, International in Mitel.

Countries are in various phases of adulthood, but the general idea is that companies already have a clear idea of which cloud model – UCaaS, hybrid or cloud – will work for them based on their business requirements. Companies are increasingly moving towards partners to help them move to the cloud, with 71% choosing advisor level service, indicating firms are not concerned about spending more to get the correct advice in their implementation. The main thing would be to give an economical and the low-risk migration map and also a chance to choose between a public or private cloud, Cable added. Mitel is uniquely positioned to give clients that selection.

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